Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guest room pre-reveal sneak peek!

It's been a process and we are still going room by room in the house getting everything decorated and finished.  I'm waiting on a quote for crown molding in our master bedroom and bathroom and June will be the month that will get done.

Our local furniture store is set to carry the new Magnolia Home Furnishings line by Joanna Gaines starting Memorial Day weekend so we are going to check that out.  I'm so excited to see it because Fixer Upper is my FAVORITE show on HGTV.  Sometimes it's a little too rustic and farm house for me but If I could, I'd start all over and re-build just to have that creamy white kitchen of my dreams and all that beautiful white furniture!  But alas, white doesn't look quite right in my home with all the dark wood that's already there.  I do love incorporating the white finish in accessories and I think that my guest room is very light and airy even with the black painted furniture.

This was my most fun room to do because I could really go nuts and actually inject some color into it!  I think it turned out warm and inviting but also whimsical and feminine but still appropriate for any guest.  Now the only thing left is to get some guests to stay in it!

I still have to add the finishing touches like hang the mirror, chandelier and frame the botanical prints I got on amazon and hang them above the bed.  I also have a few little finishing touches so this is just a pre-reveal reveal.  My final reveal will have the links to everything used in the room.  most of the accessories I got at Home Goods but I do find that I see the same things in  a lot of Home Goods stores.  I was just in Charlotte, NC too this past week and I hit up World Market and got the cute little drawer pulls there for next to nothing.  I wish we had a World Market in Pittsburgh!  But I do get lots of coupons for online shopping there but of course, everything I want says it's not available online!  I do visit my best friend in Charlotte though several times a year so that's something I can also do when I go down there or drive the 2 hours to go to the one in Ohio.

So here are some pics of the guest room!  Most is complete but I can't wait to get the chandelier up!  It's going to add some sparkle and class to the room.


  1. Rachael,
    It is adorable!!! I love the knobs! Thank you for keeping us updated!! Please and join my new site for our new build at ourlangleytwo.blogspot.com I love you are turning your house into a home. I love the rustic bed too! I have a love for both contemporary and rustic which means eclectric design is always attractive. I keep being drawn to wood too. I think because it feels warm and cozy like a cabin and I love the high finishing touches of the glamour.



  3. What a gorgeous room! I love your style! I great up in Pgh and my family and I might be moving back in December. We were looking at the new Ryan Homes in Highland Estates, and I'm so nervous since I've started doing research. Despite the issues you've had in your home, would you build with Ryan again? Do you think your neighbors would? No home is without problems, and certainly no new home, but I'm a bit worried about how Ryan seems to handle issues when they come up. What do you think? I love the Venice model, but we're scared to take the plunge, especially since we will be out of state for at least a portion of the build!

    1. New homes have their own set of problems, being that we were restricted with a budget I would still build with Ryan again, our next home I would go with a custom builder but at that point in our life we will be in the financial position to do so. I grew up in a Ryan home, and my whole family owns them as well. Over all it was a good experience and most of our neighbors have been happy with their process as well, good luck on whatever you decide! Pittsburgh is an awesome city no matter who you decide to build with :)

    2. Thanks so much for your thoughts Rachel! I think we will *probably* move ahead with our Ryan Home plans, although we're looking at some older homes too. At this point we don't think we have the money to go with a custom builder, but we might start looking around just to see. I just really love the Venice floorplan and we don't want a home that's too big (we seem to be the only ones!). Thanks again for your thoughts! It would be fun if you did a post about what you wish you had done/not done in terms of upgrades and changes! :)

    3. Great idea! There are so many things I wish I had done! For instance... Get a walk out lot!!!!! I HATE our back yard with the infamous western pa un useable hill, and the drainage issues... Ugh! Not to mention the hill is ugly and full of weeds! The walk about basement would have provided option for a deck and a patio under for those hot summer days! My brother has a walk out and lives in a Ryan Dunkirk and just finished his basement and his house is perfect for parties! No need for people to go upstairs and dirty up the hard woods! But having parties at my house is horrible! I have one for this weekend coming up and I Fred the aftermath of scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees!