Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Finally starting to have fun buying stuff for the house!

Sometimes when I walk through the door, I feel like we just moved in.  The lack of furniture, pictures, decorations, etc. makes it looks like we are either squatters or we just bought the house that week!  It's been a fast year though since we've moved in, and through my husband's diligent budgeting and savings, we are starting to put things together.  I posted before about the island/counter tops etc, that's still in process, I'm just waiting to hear back from the fabricators for a installation date, I bought our back splash (over budget) and we purchased a chandelier (under budget) and bar stools (also under budget).  I still can't find for the life of me a sideboard/buffet that I like that's $700 or less, I'm planning a trip to Bordman OH to check out the furniture stores there, surprisingly, there isn't much in Pittsburgh.  Levin's sucks, everything is about 90% western PA 90's style (no offense! it's just the way things are here, people are very slowly warming up to the cottage chic/industrial cool vibe). And Value City just has nothing, and I'm really looking for a solid hardwood piece, so I'm going to also check out the used furniture stores and see if I can't find something I can paint!

Here's the bar stools/counter stools we bought from Restoration Hardware (I looove this store but can't afford most things in it, but these babies were only about $159.00 each after tax and delivery which is good for a bar stool, and it's solid wood) We bought 4 counter stools for the new island and 3 bar for the overhang into the morning room.  The color is called "burnt oak" which will look nice against the dark floors and cabinets and not be too harsh of a contrast.

Here's our chandelier, which my husband actually picked out!  He loved it, which I was afraid he wasn't going to!  I can't wait to see it in person, it's being delivered Friday, it was an overstock.com find and I had a coupon!  It was very affordable and has that Restoration Hardware vibe, but the chrome finish gives it a more modern glam look and less visual weight.

And here is our back splash, it's just a simple honed marble brick pattern, but I'm going to do a dove grey grout to give it some contrast!  I can't wait to see it all together and to post pics!  I really think after it's all done, our kitchen will be unique and look more custom, and I did it for less than I would have if we had gone with Ryan's optional upgrades.  Still wishing I could have gone with white cabinets though... sigh... maybe someday

Monday, July 14, 2014

The island is coming along... and things are starting to get done!

Well folks, it's been a year, can't believe it!  We just got back from a trip to Jamaica to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary and we also have our island installed... well, semi installed!  Just the cabinet bases and the electric are completed, we also bought our sink and faucet, and the quartz is now on order, they just did the template last week!  We totally forgot to order our sink too before we left for vacation, so we had to buy our sink online while in Jamaica! lol, never thought I'd be shopping for home improvement items while relaxing on a beach!  I have a pic of the island so far (the doors are missing from the middle cabinet) and HOLY CRAP, this this is HUGE!!!!  I guess I didn't realize how big 8ft was... well, go big or go home!  We also bought our Amish table which will be in mid August, all hand crafted and solid wood, I'm hoping it will become a family heirloom that we can pass on for generations to come!

Here's our giant island!  Still needs the trim and doors on and the back piece, oh and the counter top!

Here's the sink and faucet, we got he sink on Overstock, it's the same as the one on HD's site but we got it on sale + a 10% coupon, so we saved 75 bucks!

And just for fun, here's some pics from our trip to Secrets, Montego Bay, Jamaica!

And one more, because I feel bad I've left my hubby out of all the pics!