Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy fall y'all!

My first DIY decorating project for the house :)  It required 1 wire wreath, 1 spool of burlap ribbon (which I used my 40% off coupon at Michaels) and 2 bunches of flowers that were 60% off, I think they were 1/69 each steam.  The total project cost me just under 10 bucks!  I love the way it turned out, ti's rustic and simple yet a touch elegant, I can't wait to do one for Christmas!  I'm thinking of doing some lace and burgundy poinsettias...

We also got our blinds installed this morning from HD, we went with the 2 1/2" home-decorators premium white blinds in every window, I'm glad we went one step up from the home-decorators regular blinds, the valance is much nicer and the wider slats look more rich.  I will be posting pics of that tonight!  I really haven't done anything yet with the inside of the house as far as furniture or decorating, so that's why you haven't seen any posts from me!  I did refinish our old kitchen table though, just some spray paint, it looks more acceptable now... we will be getting our morning room set in January, then next will be the island and the granite!  I'm also glad we didn't get the granite through RH, because it's WAYYYYYYY OVER PRICED omg, they sell the SAME stuff with installation at a local company, installed it's only $38 sq ft installed and a typical 10x10 kitchen is only 35 sq ft so that's only $1,330.00 for St. Cecelia, baltic brown, tan brown, uba tuba.. etc (for those in Pittsburgh, we are going to go with Quality Granite Outlet

We are going to get a custom built Amish island put in, nice solid wood, then do matching granite to tie it into the builder grade timberlake cabinets... which btw, I almost can't wait until they get old and my husband allows me to paint them white with chalk paint!  I hate how they look so dirty all the time and the nicks and chips that happen out of nowhere!  I should have said let's spring for the white ALL WOOD ones, yes it was a few grand more, but it would have been only a few bucks more a month, and considering we are slapping on an etra $500 a month to the principal to pay it off in 17 years or less, I don't think it would have made a difference!  Anyways, hopefully by the end of January I will have some fun decorating project to do in the kitchen and morning room!