Friday, August 29, 2014

More kitchen pics! Everything is finished!

I am so happy how everything turned out with the kitchen, the island is amazing!  We just got the bar stools from Arhaus in yesterday and they are perfection!  I love the rustic element with the distressed finish, this way when they get beat up, they will look like they were meant to!  We also got chair pads for them, to which my husband thought was the worst $200.00 he spent, but they are very nice and washable, not the cheapy kind that wears through easily.  Sometimes, it's worth it to spend a little more for better quality.  The bar stool are the Cadence by Arhaus, they were on sale too at 159 ea for the counter height and 169 ea for the bar height, considering I saw many many MANY bar stool that were more expensive and looks cheap and ugly, I think that is a good price.

Now, if I could only make a decision on the dining chairs, rug, or anything else!  We are going to paint in the next month or so, I got a quote to pain the whole downstairs, the hallway upstairs and the stairwell, it cam in around $2,000.00 using SW Duration paint, they are a very reputable company and do exceptional work, but am I paying too much?  It comes to .71 cents per sq ft, which I read the average is 85 cents to 1.25 per sq ft, but my husband was shocked but I explained to him that is a ton of paint and a ton of taping off and masking, and neither of us are good painters, it's worth it to hire that out, I will never paint another room again!  I've done enough for 2 lifetimes already.

So here are the pics of the kitchen!
(and the grout did dry MUCH lighter which made my super happy)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dream kitchen is almost complete!

So Ryan Homes came through and fixed my cabinets same day, and the counter top fabricators were able to come in on Thursday to complete the install and the tile guy finished up on Friday, now all that is left are the dry wall repairs!  We are also getting quotes for painting because I want that done before the end of the month if I can.  So here is how it all turned out, please note that the grout here is WET and it dried much much lighter so it's a soft light grey instead of the hard dark grey you see in the pics.  I'm still struggling with what counter stools to buy, I just can't make up my mind!  I don't want a ton of different chair styles in one big open space between the counter stools, the bar stools and the head chairs on the dinning and the side chairs, so I'm at a loss.  I'm having night bars about bar stools attacking me!  Our designer that we were going to hire has been MIA so I'm just assuming when I sent her my budget she didn't even want to bother because maybe it wasn't high enough for her?  I dunno, but I'm kind of pissed about that, I may do one of those online designers where they send you several looks with shopping lists and prices that will fit in your budget, anyone ever use one of those services before?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Murphy's law follows me where ever I go!

Well guys, yesterday was going to be the day... the long awaited day I get my BEAUTIFUL quartz counter tops!  Well, after they set the stone on the island and got me all excited, when they went to lay the stone on the counters they discovered my cabinets weren't level... like REALLY NOT LEVEL, as in off by 5/8"!  That is massive when it comes to counter tops... they couldn't even install them, I was in TEARS!  I called RH service line and they were very helpful, thank goodness that the contractor I hired works with RH as the "3rd times a charm" fixers, since they pay the foreign workers next to nothing, and that results sometimes in shotty work, well instead of pay the good guys the first time around, they pay them after the 3rd time around!  Anyways, thanks to my contractor having a working relationship with the local RH Service rep, they were out within 2 hours, said they'd pay for fixing the cabinets, and now I have the counter top guys coming back tomorrow... I'm made at RH for doing a shitty job in the first place, but I'm also PISSED at the counter tops fabricator... that's why they come to do a template people!  They check for level!!  So, both parties are equally to blame, I'm just happy that things only got pushed by a few days, so now the tile guy will be done on Monday with the back splash and then it will all be done!!  But here's some lovely pics of the cock-eyed installation illustrating that RH doesn't know how to use a laser level when installing cabinets!

 well, the island was good and is all installed bc my contractor did it, so it was perfect and level!  Just look at all that counter space!  It's about as big as an extra long twin mattress!  LOL I know this bc I got up and laid down on it...

 ummm... yeah, this is unacceptable... 3 shims???

just another view of that fabulous island!

Oh, and here is our new Amish build table, with both leaves in that sucker fills up the whole room!  I don't like the refinished chairs though with it :( so I'm going to get distressed black painted ones either made for it, or maybe I can get a good craigslist find and paint them myself, I think that a black distressed x-back chair would really go nicely, these are just too formal for the space.