Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I change my mind a million times!

So, not that it's anything new but I think I've changed my mind 100 times with this house, between the patio, the furniture, paint colors, accessories.  I've returned more things that I bought that's for sure!  I made a bunch of changes to the furniture order too, my sales rep at Ahaus probably wants to kill me by now, not to mention my order had to be audited because I changed it so many damn times!  But hey, when you are paying that kind of $$ it better be right.  I changed the fabric for the ottoman due to a hide delay, the cow that we wanted hadn't been murdered yet apparently :(..., and for fear our kitty will want to pee on it..  I also nixed the console table and end table and opted for a more simple end table and I'm going to get a simple iron and glass console for behind the sectional.

I am also happy to report that the patio is completed, well ALMOST!  We are just waiting for the pillar caps to come in, the originals didn't look right according to my husband's uncle who installed the patio, and he said if we're paying that much, they better be right!  We also changed our minds on the patio furniture and lay out, we opted for a round 6 person table to put in the circular bump out, this leave tons of room for a section perhaps (until next year...).  That was also a pain for the sales people at Macy's, because we paid with gift cards (Fuel perks!), they had to have corporate accounting transfer the funds, but it's on it's way, just have to wait another week!

So below is all of our new selections, along with the semi-finished patio and 2 of the pieces from Arhaus that have been delivered.  I will say one thing, I love everything that we are getting from that place but good gosh it takes FOREVER to come in!  We now have to wait another 6 weeks for the ottoman, making it a total of 16 weeks!  And we are waiting until October just for one tiny dinky little side table, I really wish they stocked more items and were quicker to deliver special orders.

Another note, the shower is "fixed" so they say... but dry wall repairs still not scheduled and I have some lovely mold growing on my walls now.. yay!  I'm not happy, because I know it's just going to happen again, the put NO water proofing behind the tile... no hot mop, no membrane, nadda, just cement board and wood, which when wet SWELLS PEOPLE!  UGH!  I am about to just rip out that whole damn bathroom myself and hire a contractor to re-do it, I would change the layout too and take space out of the master bedroom that is stupid big tpp... well maybe someday...

The new fabric for the ottoman, it's a sumptuous velvet but it's easy clean and will hide and dirt so no fear of kicking our feet up on it!

I love these trays, it gives so much versatility to this ottoman

here's the cute little table for in between our accent chairs that we have to wait freaking until October for!  ugh...

I love how simple this table is, and it holds magazines!  My husband now has a place for them rather than on the floor!

This chair fits in perfectly, and I can fit 2 of them because they are only 28" wide but they are DEEP, at 39" you can really relax in them!  And, I didn't even have to special order because the stocked fabric is so nice, it's very menswear inspired which makes the hubby happy

Got the china cabinet delivered and it fits so nice in that space and offers up extra storage!
As you can see, we're going to have to raise the mount on the TV this console is TALL!  Once neat fact is that is sits on hiden wheels!  It makes moving it a breeze since it weighs so much.

Here is the Chateau patio set from Macys', a good deal at 1299 with free delivery!  We are also getting hte 11' umbrella and base, all in it was around $1700

And here it is!  Our patio!  I know it's pretty simple but with a budget of 8k, I think we got a good deal, it's all Unilock pavers and Jimi's uncle is very good at what he does, so I'm confident it will stand the test of time!  And to boot, we got a brand new back yard pretty much with REAL top soil!  

Friday, July 17, 2015

Patio Progress! And bathroom update...

I'm so excited that our patio is started, it's really coming along!  I can't wait to be sitting out on it and enjoying the sunshine (that is if it sticks around here in the 'burgh!)

We are going to Macy's this weekend to get a patio set, I actually decided on a different one after seeing my first choice in person.  We are going with the Nottingham rectangle set with spa blue cushions and umbrella.  I think it will give a nice Caribbean vibe to the back yard, I was to really make it into a tranquil spot to relax in.  We still have to hire landscapers too, and I really want a privacy arborvitae "fence" to make it more secluded.

On another note, our master shower is getting fixed next week, AND they said they will repair any damaged dry wall... thanks God because it looks liek total shit downstairs right now.  Rusmur floors was very helpful and nice, the RH service guy, eh... he tried arguing it was "home owner maintenance" and I about flipped shit on him... and even Rusmur was backing me up on this saying there is just no way this should happen 2 times in 2 years!  So thank you Bernie at Rusmur for being on my side!

Also, we got our sectional in, I didn't take any good pics because we still dont have any of our other furniture so I'm just going to wait until everything is in.  We do love it, it's must lower than our old sofa (the back) so it took some getting use to, I need to bring height to the space with curtains and a set of mirrors of the wall between the 2 windows, I think that and once our furniture is all in the space it will really look awesome!

Monday, July 6, 2015

WTF!! Water leaking from the master bathroom shower...

I'm waiting for RH Service to call me back... because we have a leak!  Our master shower is leaking, but I don't think it's the plumbing... the shower seat as lifted yet again and I think water is getting through the crack in the grout, because our morning room opening is SOAKED.  I am beyond pissed and I'm requesting an engineer to come out because it's not an issue with the tile work, it's the fact our shower seems to be sinking... and I thought they water proofed showers now a days so that if water got behind the tile it wouldn't LEAK!  So now all the dry wall needs replaced and I'm sure the sub floor under the shower is soaked... I want a brand new freaking shower done RIGHT because this is the second time we've had to deal with this and this is the whole reason we built a new house so we didn't have these types of issues!!  UGH!!!  I'm just venting now... I'll update once I have someone come out to tell me WTF is going on....

Yup, that's water behind that paint bubble.....