Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wine room ideas

So we are getting ready to finish another room, the front room AKA the "Wine Room".  The husband wants to get this done sooner rather than later because he wants a space to hold meetings that is more professional.  So I've been coming up with ideas and color schemes.  I want to stick with neutrals on the furniture pieces but I am dying to have some bold navy in the house.  I love that navy/grey/taupe look, So i'm thinking navy velvet curtains, plush mink colored chairs, a navy rug and some rich rustic wood accents.  We will also put in a small wine fridge but hide it in a credenza.  As for the feature wall, I'm still stuck on doing it up in reclaimed wood but don't want it to be permanent.  I found a product called Stikwood that is stick on and very thin so I can do it myself and it's removable if we should ever move or change our minds but it's EXPENSIVE!  It would be at least $1,200.00 up to $1,700.00 just for that little wall!  We'll see where I'm at with the budget after all of the pieces for the room are purchased, maybe I will do a wallpaper on that wall to save costs.

Love this "window" mirror from Ballard Designs for above the credenza
So I have a budget of $5,000.00 for this room, which sounds like a lot, but furniture is freaking EXPENSIVE!  And good stuff is more, this isn't the college dorms people!  I have issues with scale too with the affordable furniture, I feel like sometimes its made for people who are 4ft tall.  It just can look dwarfed in the space.  Any who...  Here are my ideas below along with links!

These velvet drapes are from West Elm and are moderately priced at $69 each panel and since I will only need 3 it won't be too expensive http://www.westelm.com/products/velvet-pole-pocket-curtain-regal-blue-t865/?pkey=ccurtains-drapes%7Csolid-curtains%7C4294963733&group=1&sku=2107415&cm_src=curtains-drapes||FN-Color-_-FN-Blue-_--_-

I love this chandelier!!! I found this on joss and main https://www.jossandmain.com/On-the-Bright-Side-Odette-Chandelier~SOY7426~E17219.html?keyword=chandelier

another joss and main find, I wanted to replace the light when you walk in the house, slowly all of the ceiling fixtures will become a rich bronze

Joss and Main again!  Not set on this specific one but something like it https://www.jossandmain.com/Handsomely-Appointed-Tia-Sideboard~CTCI3785~E17508.html?keyword=sideboard

This is a chair 2 can surl up and relax in, http://www.homedecorators.com/p/fulham-chair/00/990/ the price isn't too bad but they charge $60 each for shipping... :(  Maybe I'll wait until they do a free shipping deal again.

This rug is from PB and comes in an 8' square size which would be perfect for the 4 chair set up I have in mind!  The price is reasonable too http://www.potterybarn.com/products/desa-bordered-wool-rug-indigo/?pkey=call-rugs&
This is a nice dual zone (red/white) cooler and it's just under $200 and is small enough to fit into a cabinet and be tucked away


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Rugs and cat pee :(

I was so happy to get our rugs in yesterday and also the hall tree is put up (I forgot to take pics, it took 3 hours and I did it by myself but it really is a 2 person job)

I LOVE the rug in the morning room.  The shag rug we got is nice, I expected it to be softer though... but what I'm most upset about is that my husband came and woke me up this morning to tell me Mr. Tickles PEED ON THE NEW SHAG RUG!  Ugh!  This is what I feared... I'm hoping this is a single incident, and that when the rug "airs out" and that chemically smell is gone she won't want to pee on it, cat pee is the WORST!  I saturated the area with Nature's Miracle EXTREME (I buy it by the gallon people... )  and it's upstairs in one of the empty bedrooms for the next week or so...

I didn't even get a chance to take a pic of that rug before we were hauling it up the stairs, but here is what the morning room rug looks like!  And, if anyone has any advice for getting your cat to NOT pee on every rug let me know!  I have the Feliway diffuser going already and I even sprayed the rug with "No Mark!" from Petsmart...  I think she is just too stressed out with all the changes

Sunday, February 1, 2015

decor galore!

I overcame my fear of decor decisions and color!  I went on a shopping spree this past week and now our kitchen and morning room feel so homey!  Just waiting on the rugs and the hall tree those are coming on Tuesday so I'll be sure to post again when those arrive.  Here are some pics of my decor finds mostly from tjmaxx wholefoods and ikea.  I also hung curtains and I did it right by measuring and using a level instead of just eyeballing it like I use to in our rentals lol...