Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Rugs and cat pee :(

I was so happy to get our rugs in yesterday and also the hall tree is put up (I forgot to take pics, it took 3 hours and I did it by myself but it really is a 2 person job)

I LOVE the rug in the morning room.  The shag rug we got is nice, I expected it to be softer though... but what I'm most upset about is that my husband came and woke me up this morning to tell me Mr. Tickles PEED ON THE NEW SHAG RUG!  Ugh!  This is what I feared... I'm hoping this is a single incident, and that when the rug "airs out" and that chemically smell is gone she won't want to pee on it, cat pee is the WORST!  I saturated the area with Nature's Miracle EXTREME (I buy it by the gallon people... )  and it's upstairs in one of the empty bedrooms for the next week or so...

I didn't even get a chance to take a pic of that rug before we were hauling it up the stairs, but here is what the morning room rug looks like!  And, if anyone has any advice for getting your cat to NOT pee on every rug let me know!  I have the Feliway diffuser going already and I even sprayed the rug with "No Mark!" from Petsmart...  I think she is just too stressed out with all the changes


  1. OMG, can i relate to CAT PEE. We had 2 cats at our old house, then got a third kitten. As the months went on the kitten started to PEE. When I thought we stopped him in one area, he would move to the next. The Miracle stuff never worked for me, (Im sorry) NOTHING worked for me. He would Poop but not PEE in the litter, and he wasnt spraying he would just PEE, I caught him all the time. We even got plastic rug protector, covered entire areas, we walked around on plastic and it STILL didnt work, finally we gave him to a friend who ONLY had hardwood floors and he stopped peeing for him. We ended up getting him a new home. I am sooooo sorry, if my story doesnt help, BUT there is a lesson there. If he continues to do it, confide him to just the hardwood areas and see if that helps and take away all carpeting. They dont generally seem to PEE on hard surfaces. Hope it helps. Good luck and yes CAT PEE is the worst and will STAIN everything..

  2. awww i'm sorry bout the cat pee the rug is beautiful tho!