Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bad kitty and other whoas... :(

So, we've had our sectional now for over a month and love it, it's so freaking comfortable!  I was worried about Mr. Tickles our furry little baby and her reaction to it but for the first few weeks she seemed fine and loved snuggling up on it with us.  Then, one day, I came inside to find my Husband staring at the sectional and he said "Tickles peed on the couch..."

I literally broke down in tears.  Backstory... this cat has peed on everything we've ever owned, she pees on clothes, beds, bath mats, sofas, chairs, carpet... I thought I had to all figured out with diffuses and infections and keeping her litter box clean... but I guess I must have failed somewhere.  I swear if I wasn't so obsessively in love with this kitty I would have gotten rid of her a long time ago, but she has my heart and I couldn't imagine life without her sweet snuggles, but boy I could forego all that damn cat pee!!!

So, long story short, I took everything apart, dumped 100000 gallons (no literally) of enzyme cleaner (NOTE: DO NOT USE NATURE'S MIRACLE!  The name was sold years ago but not the formula, this will leave sticky residue and the scent almost smells like cat pee, I swear my cat would want to pee on things more when I used it!  I use the original formula by Petastic it's also FAB for getting out ANY organic stain, works great on cat barf too!)

The smell is gone, and luckily, my sectional comes with a 5 year warranty that INCLUDES pet urine stains!  So I have a professional company coming to clean it this month and the one leather cover will most likely need replaced, as she had a SECOND accident on the corner seat just last week and the leather is all warped :(

My other whoa is that our dry wall is still not repaired.  Rusmur came to repair it but they didn't realize how big of a job this would be, so Rusmur is paying Ryan Homes to come in and do it since it's out of the 1 year warranty, but I have yet to hear from RH about a schedule... and Rusmur has already had to remind them several times, so they said they will refuse service for RH until this is done (Kudos to Bernie at Rusmur for taking care of this and getting on RH's ass!)

I hope to report only positive things going forward!  In the mean time, I bought plastic paint drop cloths and I'm covering our sofa and new chairs that will be arriving next week.  I will continue to do this every night and when we are at work until I think the issue is resolved, but I do have a decorative storage basket in the living room to house the plastic sheets, so at least they will be out of site!

Pee stain :( though the smell is gone, this stain remains, it soaked into the leather and raised the texture of it and took away the sheen... it needs replaced sadly