Friday, August 16, 2013

Wayfair = way-not-fair

I'm so disappointed in the stool we bought on I know they weren't going to be high end, but I expected bar stool that weren't wobbly and have defects in them and sloppy stain jobs, chips in the wood... and their return policy is you build it you buy it... how was I suppose to know they were pieces of crap until I built one of them?  I will be fighting to return these I'm sure, I have 2 unopened and 1 put together... shipping will cost me 35 bucks but it's a lesson learned... hopefully I can return their POS stools.... never shopping online again for furniture!  Rant complete....

Friday, August 9, 2013

Blinds and bar stools... need some help!

I can't believe we have been in our house for 2 months now!  Time really does fly, and this whole time I have been living without blinds!!!  I have a few temp ones up in strategic places but it's about time to get some permanent ones in place.  I don't know where to begin though, I don't know what style I want, if I want all the same, different ones in different places, faux wood, cellular, roman... there are so many choices!  Since we won't be buy any furniture or decorating for about a year, it makes it SO much hard to decide!  I would like to wait on the morning room because I think I just want roman shades, but I don't think I can wait a year until we get our new dining set to put up blinds, so I may just give in and go with the basic faux wood ones in every window... I would hate to pay for the installation and leave out some of the windows and then have to pay again next year to get those installed.  Any thoughts?  Place to go?  I know HD is probably the best price, we can't afford to do custom, but my mom works at JCP and offered to "gift" us the blinds (she gets a good discount!) and they sell the Bali faux wood ones there, which are nicer than the home decorators from HD I think.

Also, bar stools... this is something that is cheap that we can buy now, in the Venice with the bar overhang into the morning room, how many stool can I fit?? I would like to fit 4 but is that going to be too tight?  Any one else able to fit 4??

Also, they are replacing our railing today from the baby poop brown/green to black cherry, I LOVE the color of the sample piece of oak our PM brought, it looks PERFECT with the floors, so kudos to our PM for suggesting it and coming through on the replacement!  We still can't use our master shower though, Rusmur won't be out until Sept. 10th to fix it!!  In the mean time we are using the guest bathroom and shuffling back and forth from the master bath to the guest bath to get ready in the morning, it's a pain in the ass but I don't want to use the shower and cause any water damage so I will be patient.  Rusmur is also going to come out and fix all the nicks and chips in our hardwoods, they said they do a MUCH better job than the punch out guys at fixing them, she said they will look brand new.

We also got our final coat on the driveway put in, we debated on having it extended, but to be honest, if wouldn't allow for any more cars to be parked, and it's plently wide for 2 sedans/SUV's to park in it and get our without stepping in the grass, and I don't want to loose 1 more inch of yard either, our tiny narrow lots can us all the grassy space they can get!  To us, it just wasn't worth it, I'd rather have bar stools :)

I will post up pics of the new railings and also our master shower that needs repaired.  Also, our grass is looking sad .... very sad, I think it's too late int he year to fix it, so we will just winterize and seed in the fall so it grows back thicker next year.