Friday, August 16, 2013

Wayfair = way-not-fair

I'm so disappointed in the stool we bought on I know they weren't going to be high end, but I expected bar stool that weren't wobbly and have defects in them and sloppy stain jobs, chips in the wood... and their return policy is you build it you buy it... how was I suppose to know they were pieces of crap until I built one of them?  I will be fighting to return these I'm sure, I have 2 unopened and 1 put together... shipping will cost me 35 bucks but it's a lesson learned... hopefully I can return their POS stools.... never shopping online again for furniture!  Rant complete....


  1. I am actually quite glad I found this. They have been my furniture "go-to" for online "window shopping" until our house is complete and shopping can ensue. That being said, I'll take your (And quite a few other pissed off consumers) words for it and steer clear!

  2. I've not been very pleased in my experience with Wayfair. Sorry this happened to you.

  3. Bummer, I had bought a few items from them but noting I had to assemble and the items I bought I loved. Sorry you had a crummy experience. If they won't take it back see if you can add a small piece of wood to the wobbly leg to make the even. I know it is terrible to have to fix new furniture but a small shim piece nailed to the leg should steady it and if you stain or paint it should blend. Good luck.

    1. I guess I should write an update! I just got work this morning that they are refunded ALL charges, and I don't pay for shipping. They are also only making me send back 2 of the 3 chairs. I can do whatever I want with the 3rd one that is already put together! I was actually impressed with how they handled the issue. So now I have 1 wobbly stool lol not sure what I will do with it because we will be buying new stools now (from a brick and mortar store) but for now, I have a place to sit and enjoy my coffee, though it may be