Friday, July 17, 2015

Patio Progress! And bathroom update...

I'm so excited that our patio is started, it's really coming along!  I can't wait to be sitting out on it and enjoying the sunshine (that is if it sticks around here in the 'burgh!)

We are going to Macy's this weekend to get a patio set, I actually decided on a different one after seeing my first choice in person.  We are going with the Nottingham rectangle set with spa blue cushions and umbrella.  I think it will give a nice Caribbean vibe to the back yard, I was to really make it into a tranquil spot to relax in.  We still have to hire landscapers too, and I really want a privacy arborvitae "fence" to make it more secluded.

On another note, our master shower is getting fixed next week, AND they said they will repair any damaged dry wall... thanks God because it looks liek total shit downstairs right now.  Rusmur floors was very helpful and nice, the RH service guy, eh... he tried arguing it was "home owner maintenance" and I about flipped shit on him... and even Rusmur was backing me up on this saying there is just no way this should happen 2 times in 2 years!  So thank you Bernie at Rusmur for being on my side!

Also, we got our sectional in, I didn't take any good pics because we still dont have any of our other furniture so I'm just going to wait until everything is in.  We do love it, it's must lower than our old sofa (the back) so it took some getting use to, I need to bring height to the space with curtains and a set of mirrors of the wall between the 2 windows, I think that and once our furniture is all in the space it will really look awesome!


  1. Loving your patio so far! This will be a beauty when it's all done!

  2. Way to go on getting your bathroom fixed. There is no way that would be 'home owner maintenance'. Patio is looking good! I love the color of the patio set. Like you said, hopefully this streak of weather we have now will keep going!