Monday, May 12, 2014

We bought an island!

The island purchase is complete!  We now have to wait 4 weeks for the special order and then we can have a contractor install the new 8ft x 3ft island!  I'm so excited for all that work space, AND for the pot drawers!!  We also went to home depot to check out their quartz selection and they came back with a phenomenal price... $4,600 and NO TAX!  That's for all new quartz counters, the color is called Cortina but looks like Carrera marble, it is simply stunning with our espresso cabinets and dark floors, it really will brighten things up!  We haven't bought the counters yet though since we wanted to get a few more quotes, I don't think anyone can beat that price though for quartz but I'm a littler leery of going through HD, I've read some bad reviews... anyone use HD for counters or other projects where they send out subs??  I'm just worried that by saving money we're sacrificing quality...

Here is a sample of the Cortina quartz along with some paint color options (the darker is for the morning room and the lighter is the main living/kitchen).

I am also looking for zero radius sinks and the industrial commercial pull down sprayer faucets.  I also need a backsplash and lighting!  So much to get!  I'm so hesitant on buying these things online though, I know with lighting I can find great deals, but I need to see it in person, I hate shipping that stuff back and forth, not to mention the expense of the shipping!


  1. Hello how are you enjoying your process so far, my husband and I are new to building our home and blogging and have JUST started out and it's exciting and scary at the same time. You can follow me at our walking in victory with victoria falls.

  2. lovely Island and lights! I am planning to do something similar in our home. We too built a Venice didn't like the gourmet island so went with the optional island instead. We later realized it comes without any overhang...ughh!
    If you don't mind sharing how much was the cost on redoing a bigger island?

    1. Thanks! The cost of the cabinets themselves and the trim was about $1500 I believe, our local lumber yard also sells timber lake so it was easy to get in, we hired an electrician to put in 2 outlets, one on each side, but I'm not sure how much that costs because we had all of our work as a bundle with the contractor to install the island and do a few other small projects. But all in all it was still cheaper than going with Ryan and we got something no one else will have, so that will really help on resale if we do decide to move. Not sure where you are located, but if you're in the pittsburgh region, 84 Lumber sells timberlake. If not, you can go to the website and find local retailers near you.