Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Patio and furniture haul!

I'm so happy to report we are finally getting a nice outdoor space!  I was getting tired of sitting on a plastic chair in the grass to enjoy the outdoors of our home.  We are doing a simple paver patio, nothing too fancy, as our budget didn't allow for all the extras I would have wanted *sigh* but it will accommodate a 6 person table and a seating area so we will have plenty of space to have gatherings and enjoy the nice weather!

We went with my husband's uncle who owns a patio/landscaping business.  For those of your in the Pittsburgh are, it is Richard Bode's Landscaing on Rt 19 in McMurray, just south of Waterdam plaza.  He does really good work, mostly for all the wealthy homes in Peters and USC.  Our budget is 8k and that will get us a 18x16 unilock patio with a 10x5 half circle bump out with knee wall surround and 2 pillars.  Here are the stone choices below and also my own design of our patio.  We aren't doing a circle pater in the brick it's just the only way I could figure out how to do a bump out with the free room planner I use (which is super helpful btw, I go to Thomasville.com and at the very bottom go to the room planner link)

We also made some hefty purchases at Arhaus and are just waiting on their arrival, should be soon.  I did order a special order ottoman in a brindled cow hide so that most likely won't be in for a while.

Below are all the pics of the patio design and the furniture we purchased, I'm excited to see everything when it's all done!  I am itching to start accessorizing but I'm not going to bother until all the furniture is in, and our custom sectional from Leathergroups.com still has another 4 weeks :(

Above is our furniture haul from Arhaus, it's a nice eclectic mix of distressed painted wood and some metal accents.  I couldn't decide on a coffee table with all the other competing woods and metals so the logical choice was an ottoman.  I couldn't pick a fabric though so I went with a cow hide that has some texture but is still neutral enough to go with anything.  We also purchased the matching cabinet to the media console for our morning room to tie the rooms together.

  • Here is what the patio will look like as far as size goes, it's just the right amount of space to fit everything that we need and still leave us with a decent amount of green space.

Brussels Bock for the knee wall in Sierra

Beacon Hill Flag Stone pavers in Sierra, I like these because they are bigger and will settle more evenly and provide a smoother surface for the furniture.


  1. Nice choices, very cool floor plan!

  2. Hello - I decided to check into the blogs, it's been awhile. What you done with your house so far and what you have ordered look wonderful! Thanks for the name of the landscaper. I am going back and forth between deck or patio. But that will be next year! Hopefully one of these days we will get to meet.

    Your neighbor down the street - Darla

    1. No problem! Glad to see you're back on the blogs Darla! Though, I feel most of the time I'm saying "I wish I would have thought of that!" to a lot of the posts I read... We were also debating on deck vs patio, but price was a huge factor, a patio is about 1/2 the cost of a deck (if you go with the trex decking, and it will fade over time)

      I am just a big fan of stone and the natural look, although in our neighborhood there are some beautiful decks! You also don't need a permit when building a paver patio because it is not considered a permanent structure, but a deck is tied into the house and footing are poured so you have to get a permit for that.

      I'm hoping to have everything all finished and the furniture in by mid July. You're always welcome to stop by! I feel like we still haven't met anyone in our neighborhood, I think it's because we don't have kids right now! It seems though that when people move into these types of neighborhoods the kids just start poppin' right out! LOL At least by the time we do have kids, some of the kids that are here now will be old enough to babysit! :)

  3. Good point! There shouldn't be any shortage of babysitters. It will be so exciting when your furniture arrives. I've reached a point where I am done buying major items and it makes me sad because I love to decorate!
    Same invite to you stop by. I am going to start walking with my neighbor so maybe I will see you out and about.

  4. Thanks Rachael for putting me in the upper class over here in Peters. LOL
    Everything looks great. I'll keep him in mind, Waterdam in kinda in my backyard per se.

  5. That's the ideal size for a patio. I love the table for parties and friends, but there's also a nook for curling up with a book in the great outdoors. I need to look at putting this idea with my current house plans. I'm sure I could make it fit. http://regenthomes.com.au