Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Venice, inside and out

For those of you readers who are unfamiliar with the Venice, I have included the floor plan and some photos from other blogs and Ryan Homes website.  It is truly a great floor plan, the perfect amount of space and flexible enough to meet the needs to today's dynamic family!  We are getting the morning room included for free in our plan, and the other benefit to that is the extra space in the basement!  We do plan in the future to finish it, but that will be a long ways off, there is plenty of space upstairs for us now, and even when we start a family.

 just look at all this space!  I can imagine myself cooking a nice meal while opening a bottle of wine with some friends and enjoying this lovely kitchen!  We will eventually put in an island, I don't like the look of Ryan Home's island, I like more linear design, and I wanted to do a contrasting white island with white quartz counter tops, I love the look of the different color island/cabinet combos, I think having the white island would give the look of being more open since we are going with the espresso color for the cabinets.  See the example below, it looks so rich and luxe!  The marble is to die for, but is a pain in the butt!  They do make quartz counter tops that mimic the look of marble almost exactly though, so that may be an option in the future for us!

above is a sample of quartz counter tops that look like marble, they are so beautiful!  And, they are virtually maintenance free!  No worries about scratches or stains!
 Above is the brochure rendering of the elevation L I think it's the best value as far as giving the most dynamic look to the exterior for the least amount of money.  I love craftsman style homes and this evokes a modern take on that and I just love it!  I actually like that it has no shutters too, they are magnets for bees nests and bats!! YUK!
The master bedroom is so spacious!  There is plenty of room for our king bed and even on the other side, a sitting area perhaps?  I have always envisioned a chaise to faint on after a long day at work :)

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