Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ceiling woes and a bloody turkey....

I knew it was too good to be true, we haven't really had any major issues with our RH Venice, but the cracking in the joint of the ceiling and the walls in the master bathroom is getting on my last nerve!  When they came to fix them last, I thought it was just settelment, nothing out of the ordinary, but I guess they said it was just going to keep happening because there is something going on in the roof structure that is basically pulling on the cieling, hopefully it can be fixed... I'm out of my 1 yr but this is structural so hopefully I wont get a hassle about it!  I know I will though....

Here are some pics of the cracking... not fun to look at when you're brushing your teeth!  Anyone else have this same issue??

I also wanted to do a quick Thanksgiving post, I don't have the pics yet from my mom but will be posting those when I get them.  This year we host our first ever Thanksgiving dinner!  My parents came along with my husbands parents and 2 brothers, and also my family's good friends who I have known since I was bout 7 years old came with their youngest daughter, all in all, it was a great time!  I did cook a bloody turkey though!  I trusted my meat thermometer and stabbed that sucker in every spot to check the temp and it said it was overdone!  Well, needless to say hen we went to carve him he wasn't done at all... so we ate a little later than planed!  But I will day, DON'T put that bird back in if he's not done and you've rested him, just slice what you need, put it in a pan with some broth and cover with foil, it ended up turning out just fine!

Here's a pic of my table all set, I had 2 tables since we had 11 people, I'm getting out real dining room chairs/bench delivered from Arhaus here in the next few weeks just in time for Christmas, I'm thinking of hosting a friends dinner for the holidays and trying out some new recipes and pretending like i'm a chef on chopped, I've always wanted to make a "foam" or flambe something!

Oh an not to toot my own horn but.. TOOT TOOT!  I installed a dimmer switch by myself!  I was so proud... it was my first time doing anything electric work related and I didn't get zapped!  I did install it up-side-down though... so on is off and off is on... but hey it WORKS! :)

 I got the runner from Michael's, just a cheap-o burlap runner, it was 12.99 with a 40% off coupon, SCORE!!

Oh, and I just had to share the SWEET socks I got from my Aunt... she is a vegetarian which makes it more ironic I think!  She know I LOVE meat!


  1. Congrats on hosting your first Thanksgiving! Glad your turkey turned out ok. I invested in a digital thermometer that you can stick in the turkey before you put in the oven, set the internal temp you want, and the alarm will go off once it reaches the temp. No issues since. This was after my first turkey was way overcooked.
    I am seeing some of those types of cracks too, but nothing like your first pic. Hope the resolve that soon for you.
    Beautiful updates. I love your island, and lights.


  2. Hey Rachel, My bathroom looked exactly like that!!! all the way around. Took 2 fixes, they just did some drywall work (but we have an awesome H&M drywall company that does it for RH). Not just some punch out guy. After two years we still work with our PM and NOTHING is out of warranty :). They told us it was normal "pulling" and would stop and I has, been there 2 years now. Although one is showing a little tiny bit...........hmm? wonder if it will be an issue?

    1. H&M did our kitchen island, back splash, and the ceiling patch work from moving the lights, they are the ones that "fix" all the Ryan problems lol so that's how I found them to do all the renos in our house. H&M was the one that told me it would continue to pull like that, hopefully though there will be an end point where it's done pulling but it's even worse now since I posted the pics! But I think since it's really a structural issue that it will be covered, it's not like it's just a nail pop or a ding in the wall!

    2. How funny Rachael. H&M has taken such good care of me. They still pop in here and there to take care of some other some lingering things for us too.
      I do remember then saying something about the "pulling" but I thought it would "settle" HHMM? We had the pulling in the above foyer too all along the wall and ceiling also.
      So I guess if it happens again, its just NOT settling??

    3. So Rachel, now its REALLY pulling...WTH? I guess at this point we just caulk the hell out of it, its in my bathroom too, and now I have 3 places its pulling. Did you ever find out anything about it?? If they will fix it or not, now that im 2 years out I dont get a lot or return calls, I have to SCREAM to get someone's attention.

  3. We are also having these issues, although definitely worse in the winter. We had our drywall meeting over the summer and the ceiling had dropped so the lines weren't as defined but the guy (also from H&M) mentioned that if we had issues, they could come back. We're now outside our 1-year warranty period, but I'm thinking we need to call and have them come out to try and fix this as we have some cracks where there are pieces of wall actually peeling away (perhaps the drywall tape?)

  4. We have the same exact issue in the foyer. They fixed it once and it came right back. They said they will fix it one more time, but they did not mention structural issues. I am going to bring that up. Thanks for the info.

  5. We have the same exact issue in the foyer. They fixed it once and it came right back. They said they will fix it one more time, but they did not mention structural issues. I am going to bring that up. Thanks for the info.