Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New purchases and the dilemma of accessorizing....

Hello Y'all!  I hope that the blog-o-sphere in the NE is enjoying this cold, snowy weather!  I really hate the snow, at least as an adult.  My husband and I were reminiscing of times when a snow fall like that of late would have us sledding until the cows came home!  Now, it's just an annoyance, though as I was driving to work the other day I reflected on how beautiful the dead woods looked, and the unkempt yards that I drove by, covered in snow making everything look clean and refreshed. Snow is my style, it's white, it's plain, and it's simple.  That is my problem though, I'm terrified of color and pattern, and I'm afraid of making our house look institutional.  So I made some progress with getting the kitchen/mud room and dining room accessorized, but I still have yet to buy anything that isn't grey, black, beige or white!  I'm hoping to add some slate blue into the mix but I think that's as much color as my OCD color fearing brain can handle.

So far, I purchased a rug for the morning room, some dried hydrangeas on Etsy to make a simple (bland lol) arrangement on the table, a cute little message board for the kitchen next to the pantry on the wall, a hall tree for the mudroom, trash can converter for the cabinet in the island, curtains from Ikea, and curtain rods from home depot

I will post up some pics once everything arrives, should have it before our fancy dinner party we are hosting on the 6th next month for our friends.  I'm making my famous lasagna and my Grandma's meta balls recipe, I'm excited to host everyone and cook up a nice big meal and actually use our new morning room chairs for the first time!

Here is the rug that I just bought on Amazon for $409.00 it's an 8' x 11'2 viscose rug by Safavieh.  Free shipping with my Prime membership (best purchase EVER!  I buy sooo much on there, at least a few packages a week are arriving at my door with the "amazon prime" tape on it!)

 Here is what the curtains will look like hung, they look much more expensive, only 50 bucks per PAIR!  What a steal!  They give off that rustic simple charm, very natural

Curtain rods by Home Decorators from Home Depot, $40/ ea they extend to 144" they are simple and will go with the bronze lighting we have now
 Ikea curtains (stock picture from website)
 The hydrangeas I bought on Etsy to make a centerpiece on the table, I hate fake flowers so I opted for Dried, they are only 30 bucks a bunch (not including shipping, which was 16 bucks!) but it's cheap than buying a fake arrangement or a pre-made one, I just want to do something simple, like place them in a rustic wood planter
 Here is the hall tree we got at Home Decorators website, it was on sale and a steal with free shipping, $275.00 including tax

And here is my adorable little message board!  I am OCD, so I HATE puting stuff om my fridge, It gives me chills thinking about it, so this is a cute and decorative solution and it will fill that blank space next to the pantry on the wall, I got it on joss and main


  1. Love all the purchases, especially the tree for the mudroom. I am debating on what I want in the space. Will you post when you get everything placed? I would love to see

    1. Will do! I should have everything done by next Friday so I will post up pics and a review of the hall tree I am always hesitant with online furniture purchases! But the price was too good