Friday, April 24, 2015

FINALLY ordering new living room sofas and Patio help!

After years of complaining about our uncomfortable sofa that is no longer my taste, the hubs finally gave in and we're ordering our new leather sofa and love seat!  It will be a long wait though, about 8-10 weeks but it will be so worth it.  No more neck cramps and sore butts!

As I mentioned before in previous blog posts, we are ordering through a U.S.A. made company called Leather Groups.  They are a smaller operation but make everything to order, they do sell other brands as well but they make their own lines too.  They have 2 models that looks identical (well actually nicer) than the Maxwell and Lancaster sofas at Restoration Hardware, and they are cheaper, no tax, and FREE DELIVERY!  Can't ask for much more.  Check them out below, we decided on the clean lines of their Braxton and I cannot wait to be watching movies and snuggling up with Mr. Tickles (my kitty) and I suppose I can let my husband join me as well :)  We are ordering a 180" sofa and 72" love seat.  I may try to see about customizing the love seat since I think 64" would fit nicer.

Braxton Sofa from Leather Groups

Second part to my post...

We are dying to spend the summer outside, coming home from work and relaxing on a nice patio with a glass of wine or entertaining a cookout and most important, relaxing in a hot tub!!  Any advice from the people in the Pittsburgh area on who to hire?  Also, trying to figure our how much it's going to cost!  I know it all depends, we don't need anything too fancy, but I want a nice stone patio that's big enough for a seating area, table and chairs and a hot tub.  I'm praying I can get it done for 8k or less, but knowing my parents spent 15k on theirs and my aunt 30k (her's is CRAZY amazing though and bi-level with tons of retaining walls).  I'm wondering if I'm dreaming here on the budget....


  1. ...again I'm in the DC area...and making comments towards our composite deck. it cost of $13k for a 21x20 deck. we priced out the options for a patio instead thinking stone was cheaper and it was about 3k more. any seating, fire pics, curved stone patterns add up. basic shapes however aren't as pricey it's the actual square footage of it that adds dollars. my suggestion is to figure out what you are comfortable in spending and stick to that...allow the vendors to tell you what their costs are for the size you think is right. if it's over your budget let them know, some will offer a discount if you volunteer to let neighbors view your project...kind of free advertising for them. good luck!

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog and think that your new sofa looks great. I hope you have managed to get started with your patio as its nice to have somewhere sheltered to sit in the spring and summer months. I have recently built a patio with reclaimed wood and old pallets. I'm not sure if its exactly what you're after, it might be a bit rustic. Good luck with whatever you decide to build.

    Peter @ Colourlock