Friday, February 8, 2013

Just an update

So we are still on the books for our pre-construction meeting on February 18th, even though we haven't got our approval from NVR.  They are waiting on our tax returns for this year, so I'm still waiting on my husband's business to file their taxes to get his K-1 but our LO assurred us that we have the green light to proceed with construction even though we aren't approved.  This makes me feel relieved that they have that much certainty that we will be approved to just go ahead and let us build.  I'm not really getting excited yet because again, I'm still nervous because we don't have a letter in hand that says we will be approved for the mortgage. 

I think once we have our meeting I will get excited again :)  I'm starting to get really ansy here living in our rental, I am being more and more irritated living there because I know that it's only a matter of months before we will be in our dream home!  So I'm being kind of bitchy about stuff lately, which I'm feeling terrible about because I take it out on the hubby... like the fact we don't have a dishwasher, that my stove is so corcked if I bake a cake one side is an inch thicker, etc... but I know it's all for a good cause!  We moved into this place to save money so we could afford all the extras that we wanted in the new house.  I just have to keep telling myself, May 28th is right around the corner!  I'm already filling up my pinterest account with ideas for the new home, it's really overwhelming!  I have also been reading all the blogs and seeing all of the beautiful things that our fellow Ryan Homes bloggers are doing to personalize their spaces and it's making me just a tad bit jealous that I can't do it right now :)  All in good time though... I am also anxious to meet our PM, I really hope he is a good one!  I'm super picky and particular and I will probably be a pain in his butt but hey, we are dropping a serious amout of cash for this home and I have ever right to be demanding and get what I want!  LOL wow I sound like a bitch! I swear I'm not though!!!

I am really looking forward to getting down to the meat and potatoes of this whole process and hope to keep updating everyone with the good news!  And below, you will find a picture of the other member of our family that I forgot to introduce!  I know she will be really excited to get into the new home with all of the space to run around in :)

Meet Mr. Tickles, my baby, the love of my life (next to my husband that is!) and yes, she is a SHE!


  1. The closer we got to our house being complete the more every little thing in our apartment bothered me too!

    Cute cat!

  2. That's good they are giving you the go-ahead to build.

    Oh, and ditto on the "I'm super picky and particular and I will probably be a pain in his butt but hey, we are dropping a serious amount of cash for this home and I have ever right to be demanding and get what I want!" No, we are not bitchy - the way you put it is absolutely true - we do deserve to get what we want and should be as picky and particular as we can be. We are going to be living in these homes :)

  3. Love your baby girl.........I have one of my own, his name is Nemmerz, HE is the love of my life, above the hubby...LOL..He is my BFF really!! I just love em' to pieces!!

    Don't worry too much about the process, try to embrace it.......all of it, the stressfulness and the excitement, it goes so very fast, visit every day! Speak up, get to know your PM and be a pain in the ass! My PMs knew how I was and I think a lot of things were handled because they did NOT want to handle me.......they were always super respectful and agree with are spending tons of picky.....they told me they were never affended by me.....

    I've really grown attached to my PMs.......they are like family, they have done soooooooooo much for us.....

    Be proactive, get the know's all worth it, trust me, its all worth it :)

    You will look back and laugh at your little apartment and it will be a part of your life you have may be surprised at the things you will miss once you are in your new home too...