Thursday, February 14, 2013

Non-standard request... is it too late???

So I have been mulling my cabinet choice over in my head 1000 times since signing our sales agreement and I wanted to get some feedback from the community on this one.  So, I really REALLY REALLY love the look of white cabinets and dark HW floors, like, my pinterest account is overloaded with ideas that involve white cabinets and I really wasn't feeling the Rushmore Maple glazed (mainly b/c I am really a modern girl and the glaze was just too country for me) and then I go on the Timberlake website and see BEAUTIFUL white shaker style cabinets!!! Which is EXACTLY what I wanted!  So, I have my pre-construction meeting set for this Monday, and I was wondering if anyone knows if it's too late to change this and get a price on the cabinets I really want or am I shit out of luck and stuck with my dark maple espresso (which I like but I would LOVE my white shakers!)  Any advise before I call my SR and be a really pain in the ass??? 

 ABOVE:  The white solid wood New Haven cabinet and BELOW is what they look like all put together, obviously not the right color but you get the idea!  I'm loving that hardware too!


  1. If it's what you want... ask! The worst that can happen is that they say no, right?

  2. Rachael - I totally feel you on the cabinets. I wanted the Timberlake Capistrano because it had the modern full overlay and simple style I love (but had to go back on my non-standard due to cost).

    Go for the non-standard. I have seen where Ryan approved another Timberlake color for another blogger, but they charged more than the most expensive style cabinet. Still, if you have the room in the budget it is SO worth it. These cabinets are something you will look at for a long time so you might as well try to get something you love over something you are just ok with! Like M said, the worst they can say is no =)

  3. We asked two different sales reps and the design center rep about the New Haven cabinets and all three said no. The term "non-standard" selection was never brought up. Don't let this discourage you from asking. One of the aforementioned sales reps also tried to tell us the Venice only came in elevations A, B, and C. We changed sales reps after that meeting. :-)

  4. Rachel don't ask us ASK them!! Get ON it and FAST!! Your PM is only going to go by what they give him!! CALL YOUR SR and if you really really really MUST HAVE them pay the fee to make the change. You will be a happy camper!-- I mean a happy new home owner!!

  5. Rachael, have you heard back from the builder on your non-standard request? We are building with NV (same parent company as Ryan). We made a non-standard request for the New Haven cabinets after our SR said NV would soon begin offering them. We have hit a brick wall so I'd be interested to hear how they responded to your request.

    Meeta and Sarbhpreet

    1. We didn't even make the request aftjg talking with our SR I mean you can get anything you want at a cost it was going to be so expensive it wouldn't be worth it, so I decided I can still be in love with my espresso cabinets we will upgrade later to a white quartz or granite counter so it will help lighten things up and I have seen some kitchens with the dark floors and cabinets and it does look beautiful! But don't be afraid to ask for anything you want all they can do is say no, or it will just cost a lot more than you expect :(