Friday, February 22, 2013

Our first Delay

We haven't even had our pre-construction meeting yet and I've already hit one delay!  But it's ok, it's flu season and our pre-construction meeting was moved from Monday to Today.  Our PM was sick and I totally understand because I had the flu last week!  It's rough so I just hope he is feeling better because I'm going to really test his patience I'm sure for the next 90 days :)  I'm so excited for our meeting today at 3:30 I'm jumping out of my skin at work right now, I just had to blog to let it off a little of my energy I think!  I will post my thoughts on the meeting this weekend.  Happy Friday fellow bloggers and followers!!!

Also, I've been looking around for things for the house and I really really REALLY need new bedding, a duvet in particular.  My husband is allergic to our adorable kitty Mr. Tickles and I need to be able to wash the duvet every week and every duvet I've bought in the past just down't hold up, it's thin and cheap and I waste so much money on them!  So I decided to spluge and pick one up from Restoration Hardware (omg this place seriously gives me a design orgam when I walk in there) none of the sales people ever help me there though because I don't look rich enough I suppose so I will be ordering online and not giving my local store the business!  But anyways, enough of my rant, here's the bedding, it's very calming and nutral and SOFT!!  It's the Italian 50-Year-Wash Vintage bedding.  It's 20% off right now too!  I want to dress it up with accent pillows I can find at Home Goods or Marshalls TJ Maxx ect.

I also found this table at World Market's website (there isn't one near me but you better believe I will drive 1 1/2 hours to Canton OH to get this!) that I'm pretty obsessed with and want it for our morning room, it will expand so I can fit up to 12 people!  I have a huge family and tons of friends and I would love to have our games nights on this table or have Thanks Giving at our place this year!  Oh how I can't wait for the next 90 days to just fly by!!


  1. Happy Friday. Enjoy your pre-construction meeting =) You'll get a lot of info and will have time to ask as many questions as you want.

    I love Restoration Hardware too, that's a good choice for a duvet cover.

  2. Love the bedding and the table!

  3. I can't tell you the number of times I've sat at that table at World Market and then talked myself out of buying it. My biggest fear is all the crumbs and other stuff getting stuck in all the grooves and that ill regret not getting a smooth too. However, I absolutely love the table and a will probably end up with it someday. That's too bad that you have to drive to Canton for it. There are so many of them in the Cleveland area.

    1. I didn't think about the crumbs, but I guess I will just have to keep a tooth brush handy to get them all out! lol we are messy eaters too but I just love this table too much! I went to Levins this weekend and hated everything I saw, I just can't get this table outta my head!

  4. Just found your site. We just started the process as well. We were just approved and are waiting on the pre-construction meeting too.

  5. I live in a Venice model and just bought this table last month for our morning room. Unfortunately, we have the smaller morning room so we will only extend the table when we have company but it looks great either way. Love this table! I haven't posted to my blog in about a year but am planning on posting some pictures of updates we've done soon :)

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