Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back filled and ready for framing!

I stopped by the homestead site last night and saw it's all back filled and ready for framing to begin!  I also stopped by HH Gregg today on my lunch, I was totally creeped out by the sales woman who was just staring at my and following me and lurking around every corner.  She looked like a serial killer stalking her next victim!  It was definitely a weird experience.  I just said I was browsing and took some picture of the price tags and info and came across a nice Samsung washer/dryer.  It has the steam feature and the price is good.  However, I hear that HH Gregg will negotiate like a used car dealership and the price is the same at Best Buy (and I can get gift cards at GE for the fuel perks!) I think I may go in next weekend and see if they will do some wheeling and dealing with me on the price.  If not, I have time and I will just walk away.  Anyways, here is the set I'm looking at, it has great reviews too especially for the price! And I'm still going to check out sears outlet again, they didn't have much there when I went last but they said their inventory is constantly changing so maybe I can snag a good deal if the timing is right.  I still have a good 2 months before I need them but I like getting things done and out of the way so I am not scrambling at the last minute.  Any advise on appliance brands?  Ideally, I would like one of those high capacity sets that are like tiny space ships that will wash and dry and mend my clothes and cook me dinner and clean my house (sarcasm!) but for now, I'm thinking practical and value, I want to stay under 1200 for the pair, and 1000 for the pair is my goal.  My parents bought a pair on special for 1000, really nice too.  The ones below are for sale at 675 each but again, I think if I could negotiate a little, maybe I could get them for less, or maybe wait for a better sale!  Thoughts???

Oh, and P.S. It's taco Tuesday   If anyone in the Pittsburgh area loves tacos and loves tacos for $1 then head to Mexi Casa!  I'm starving and I think I will probably eat about 10 tonight :)  Happy Tuesday everyone!!!


  1. Oh, appliance shopping is such a joy, isn't it?

    We ended up getting a set of LG front loads - I went with LG because they offer more bang for your buck, meaning a larger capacity for less $$ spent. The drum warranty was a huge selling point, and the fact that it has direct drive, which means it only uses electricity to start the drum, and then after that it actually creates its own electricity to keep it spinning - which is something I haven't seen in any other washing machine yet.

    If I were you, I would go to Home Depot or Best Buy and talk to a few of their sales people first and get their opinions on the best brand, model, etc. Lowe's, HH Gregg and Sears all work off of commission, and some brands will get them a higher commission on the sale, so they will "sway" the buyer to pick a brand that benefits their paycheck vs. the consumer. Do your research first if you plan to buy from one of those stores so they aren't giving you a biased opinion. Sears will push Kenmore, Lowe's will push the brand that gives them a higher spif, and HH Gregg just pushes the most expensive thing so I'm guessing they get commission based on sale price.

    Home Depot and Best Buy don't make commission on sales, so they are honest about what is good and what isn't.

    I had a set of Samsung front loaders, and they never failed me, but I wanted the Home Depot warranty because it pays for itself and is better and less expensive than the ones at any other store, so we went with a set of LG's. I haven't had any issues with them either, and I was able to get the steam option for what I would have paid for the Samsung's without steam.

    Happy shopping & I hope you find something you like!!

    1. Thanks so much for all your input! I am def going to check out Home Depot, I know my parents got a crazy deal on the LG set they bought us for our old house, but we had to include it in the sale to get the contract with the buyer :( I think I will stop up on my lunch break today, shopping for the house on my lunch prevents me from eating bad fast food! lol, actually, I've lost about 5lbs since the start of all of this, I think this house and all the stresses and excitement are a GREAT diet plan... haha!

  2. First girl where is Mexi Casa??? I gotta know.

    Second, know that you can no longer buy Best Buy gift cards at Giant Eagle, they caught onto that nonsense.....

    I have the samsungs with steam option, I dont even know how to use it...LOL...I wear scrubs...LOL

  3. Ugh! That's total Bs!! Oh we'll I will take Aand M's advice and check out Home Depot, I guess I have another reason to hate giant eagle now! They took away my food perks too!

    And mexi casa is in dormont Right on west liberty ave its close to anne gregory and toms diner. I have a ton of friends that live there so it is our weekly hangout on Tuesdays! I'm famous there too as the girl who can eat 15 tacos lol tonight was only 10 though, I really should get I to competitive eating like my friends say... Haha!

  4. I so want a washer and dryer that makes my dinner and gives my kids baths! I didn't like HH Greg either they were super pushy and didn't even let me look around alone so we just walked out the door and across the street to Best Buy! Good luck shopping!!

  5. I purchased my LG top loading set and a Samsung refrigerator from HH Gregg, just because they had the best price on what I wanted by far, then I got them down a little bit more.

    That was my first time even being in HH Gregg and was lucky enough to have a good experience, but I will say that I think it was because I went in there and knew exactly what I wanted. I had already done all my research and didn't need any opinion or advice, so the sales guy really couldn't be pushy :) All he had to do was type the order up.

    As far as brands, I would say Samsung and LG both have reputations for great laundry products, and the Kenmore has always been my parent's choice (and theirs have lasted YEARS with no problems), although the newer Kenmores are not as highly rated. There are some other brands that offer good models. From my personal experience, stay away from Frigidaire - that's the maker of my current set and I dislike them with a passion.

    I'm with you and Summer - the deluxe model that folds, irons and puts away my laundry would be IDEAL! Oh well, one can dream...

    Your posts about tacos make me hungry! I wish we had a place that offered something like your Taco Tuesdays - I would so be there!