Monday, March 11, 2013

Still waiting on the loan approval and it's driving me NUTS!

So we finally got everything that NVR requested and they sent things to underwriting last week for the final decision, it all seems crazy to me that they are building our house with out the approval!  I have been checking my email like every 10 minutes to see if I got anything from our LP/LO but nothing yet, I know it can take a while but I'm just impatient!  I guess that is why I still don't feel like it is going to be ours.  I don't want to buy a thing yet or even look around for anything until I know 110% that this is FOR REAL!  I guess the pessimist in me is starting to show through, I just feel like good things like this don't happen to me generally.  We have always struggled for everything we have and feel so lucky for little things and just to have a job, not even a fancy career like I would dream to have (especially after paying 100k for college and working in admin... grrr) but just a paycheck, or a clean bill of health, and I feel like a lot of people around me take those kinds of things for granted or just can never be satisfied with having the things they need to live.  The fact that I'm not even 30 yet and I'm building a house seems crazy to me, maybe it isn't so much this day and age but my parents worked hard for over 30 years and sacrificed so much and only just built their dream Ryan Homes last year.  Oh gosh, I sound like such a Debbie Downer and I have so much to be thankful for right now! 

Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen, where they start the build before submitting to underwriting, am I just being really paranoid?? On a brighter note, I had a nice weekend with the hubs and I also became a godmother, again!  I just gotta keep thinking positive!  I'm going to take a drive by the site again tonight, it seems to be my Monday routine, and then maybe head over to Sears Outlet just to take a peek at a fridge and a washer/dryer.

Happy Monday and God Bless!  Here are some pics from my happy weekend :)

Me and my Godson!  He is such a sweetie!  This is my best friend's first baby.
And I can't forget my first Godchild and Neice, she is just so beautiful and growing up so fast!

Me and the hubby at the Heinz History Center for History Uncorked.  One of his companies was a sponsor, Clique Vodka, they supplied all the party fuel!  You can pick up a bottle at your local liquor store too!  It's in PA, WV, OH and a bunch of other states too, I just can't remember them all!


  1. What adorable godchildren. You are beautiful as well!

    NVR Is a little all over the place. Gave them all the information they needed and my neighbor across the street got her approved a week before I did (and signed a contract a month after I did). Keep on them!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! And, I guess with NVR this is what I have been hearing from people, it's def the least enjoyable part of the process, I am just the type of person that likes to have all my ducks in a row right away :) Kind of like how little kids want everything "now now now!!!" I guess I'm still like that because I want a lot of things now now now!

  2. Hi Rachael. Hang in there! Try to stay positive. I know it's hard as I am a glass half-empty person sometimes and I try to so hard to look on the bright side of things. They started our process before our final loan approval too, and it is hard. Stay on NVR and keep copies of everything!

    On the bright side beautiful pictures of you and your family.

    Clique Vodka - I may have to try it.

    Also, I have a online subscription to consumer reports. If you are okay with exchanging emails let me know because I am going to see what the recommended refridgerators are.

    Oh and I just talked to our PM, I can't believe he is saying our Pre-drywall may be next week! What!

    Take Care

    Your Future Neighbor


    1. sure! that would be awesome, my email is

  3. You're gorgeous! & I'm sure you're so smitten by the Godchildren....they are adorable!

    & to answer your question about building before underwriting: they started building our house before we were even approved. I can't remember the date, but if you check back on my blog, I posted about getting our approval in the mail. We were pretty far along in the building process before our approval came. We also received a long list of things to submit to the mortgage company after we had been approved and had already sent a huge long list of things. Agree with DB- Keep copies of everything!

    I was just like you though- I kept emailing my LO checking to see if we were approved yet. I told her that I just didn't feel like the house we were building was ours until I knew we were 100% approved.

    Happy Building!


    1. Ok that makes me feel better that this is a common practice but I just don't want to buy a bunch of appliances and then have something happen and we don't get our home :( but I don't think that they would let it get this far if they weren't confident they would get the approval from underwiting. I'm just hopin for a quick approval, my parents didnt have to go through any hoops but its because they have about a 50% down payment so I think they were less of a risk being retired and having the assets available, so they are confused why we are jumping through all these hoops! So far the requests for information haven't been too bad but it was hard getting some of the things because my husband has several business partners and they handle all the finance stuff!

  4. Rachel,

    A neighbor, but in different plan...I would have loved to be in your plan, but it was too far for my work. :(

    NVR is an adventure, but I can tell you getting a mortgage is an adventure.....I think all companies operate this way, and you have just begun...

    We didnt get approved until 45 days in.....

    But then again towards the end you will kinda have to get approved again since all of it will expire....Did they explain that to you??

    Dont dare charge anything, or move around money. I wouldnt buy appliances yet just because they are watching were all of your money is going right now...and up until you close. We bought our appliances, but paid cash for them.

    I hope I am not scaring you, but it is common practice, its not just you!

    1. Thanks for the clarifications, and they kind of explained the whole process but it's just so damn confusing, lol... I know that we will keep having to prove this or that and send them copies of stuff we've sent them 5 times already, I just wish it wasn't so nerve racking! But, since my husband is the only one on the mortgage, they won't be looking at my credit or bank accounts so I will be purchasing the appliances and in cash just to be safe. I know that I want to wait until the last minute to buy them just because of how our closing is going to be so close to memorial day, I want to take advantage of those sales!

      Luckily, LR is only 10 min from downtown, the hubs has 2 offices downtown and I work in Robinson, so it's super close for me, and I NEVER have to get on the highway!!! I'm in love with my commute already, no more sitting in traffic, yay! We also choose it because Kennedy has low milage rates and so does Montour school distric, they get alot of their tax revenue from the mall and settler's ridge and all those mega businesses around the area, it helps keep the taxes lower on the residents.

  5. Rachel,

    I understand entirely. We are "approved with conditions" whatever that means. It is a little nerve racking to say the least. Hopefully, it will all go smoothly for all of us! Keep your chin up!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words! It seems to just be the way things are done when building a home, I guess because I bought and sold a home already and didn't have to jump through any hoops really I'm just getting use to the difference between building and buying "used"

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