Friday, July 26, 2013

Emerging from the darkness....

OK, so I know I will probably get a lot of flack from you guys for not posting and being totally MIA the past month or so... but I'm still here!  It's been a busy Sunday, just lots of family stuff and house stuff and birthdays, parties, cookouts, you name it!  My husband and I just got back from a trip to Chicago too (business trip for him, shopping trip for me!) and we also saw some family out there too which was great because I don't get to see them often.

As far as the house goes, I guess I just wasn't excited to post anything, I was getting a bit of that blogger envy over all of those who were able to fill their new home with furniture and I'm stuck with an empty house, lamps on the floor and old furniture from when I was 5 years old!  We probably won't buy anything until next summer, my husband doesn't believe in financing anything... other than a house... even that I think he wishes he could have just paid cash for but then we would be living in a cardboard box under a bridge downtown for about 15 years!  So I guess I've just been a little pouty about it.... :(

Some things on my 30 days list that still need fixed after 60 days are as follows

1.  Railings need replaced - they will be stained black cherry (instead of midnight baby poop like they are now!)
2.  Grout will be redone in master bathroom where they patched it with the wrong color/type of grout
3.  Shower seat in the MB shower is completely lifting up, we haven't used the shower in about 3 weeks :(
4.  Rusmer is going to look at our hardwoods and try to repair them better than the punch out guy did
5.  Our back yard is a swap/lake - they are re-grading it, my grass looks like shit because of that
6.  Replacement cabinet door needs installed in kitchen

I'm still holding on to my survey, I want to fill it out only after these things are addressed, I mean it's only fair, how can I rate my experience before it is really over??

So, I don't have any pics of the house, because like I said, there's nothing different other than it's very messy!  and dusty!  Mr. Tickles loves the house though, especially running up and down the stairs attacking our feet!  I do have some lovely pics from Chicago though, if you haven't gone there.... omg it is amazing!!!  I can't wait to go back next year for a wedding, I'm going to make another vacation out of it!  It was a beautiful city, I only wish I would have saved up a TON of money to do some serious shopping.  I did get to go to one of my favorite stores, Zara and I bought a few cute dresses on sale.  So here is Chicago... enjoy!

 view from out hotel room at the Milenorth Hotel
 city sky line at night... how pretty!

 Millennium Park Memorial Fountain
 Reflection off the bean
 Navy Pier looking toward the city
 The bean.... yes, we saw it, it was pretty cool
 One of my finds from Zara... 30 bucks!  Couldn't pass it up!  It has a low draped back too, I love the color!
 Navy Pier... it was sooooooooooooooooooo hot that day, I wasn't to jump in the lake right there!
 View from the bathroom... yes bathroom... of the Signature Room in the Hancock Tower
 Fountain in Millennium Park, it was about 100 degrees already by 11am that morning!
 my meat from Weber Grill... yum!!!
 on the rooftop bar of our hotel


  1. Love your pictures. You are beautiful!

  2. Hi Rachel, it's nice to see you! Those are some great pictures. Just know that you are not alone. Although the house is gorgeous its quite empty. We only have pieces of furniture in different rooms. The only room that has all it's furniture is the guest bedroom. We have 21 different spaces to fill with decor in our home. It's going to take some time. Right now I am posting my TOP 21 things I LOVE about the house to keep blogging. Feel free to join us.

    Your pictures looks great and love the dresses.

  3. Hey Rachel, Love your pictures. And its so true about sister moved there and we are driving up there pretty much every month! :-) There is so much to do!

    And I exactly understand about not having anything to post because that's how I'm gonna be! I have a couch set and 2 beds to begin with and I got a serious warning from my hubby not to go crazy after the furniture! Looks like I won't be shopping for a long time!!! Sigh!

  4. Rachael, First of all, how did you walk around chicago in FLIP FLOPS, my legs and hips would have been killing me...LOL

    Ive always wanted to go to Chicago, it looks amazing, Im not a big city girl like I used to be, I am more of an all inclusive beachy kinda girl, but I want to see Chicago and Texas, I have no desire to ever see out West (Las Vegas)...

    Every time I go out to Robinson and then Im halfway home, I say to my hubby, crap I wanted to see Rachael;'s plan!!

    I also have blog envy, I think my house is soooooooooooo small. I have been fortunate to buy stuff though, hubby and I have been working extra jobs...(stupid me) to get stuff, but these jobs presented themselves I didnt seek them out, so how can you say NO? Its only temporary.

    Can you believe the weather last couple days, how amazing huh?

    Well, dont be stranger, I have your personal email, I will find you...hahahahaha

    It will all come in time, you are so young yet, much time to fill your home,but I know you want it yesterday :)_

  5. Love your pictures ! Chi Town is one of my favorite places :) I'm in the same boat as you....although ive managed to convince my husband that we need some furniture sooner than later...