Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm alive! I swear!

Hey, I swore it wouldn't happen to me... I've tried, but I feel like I've fallen off the face of the blog planet!  I promise to keep everyone updated though as things move along.

We had a HUGE storm last night, it woke us up and was pretty scary, I had a nightmare that our basement flooded and ran downstairs to check but thankfully it was just a dream, we are dry as a bone!  There was a huge tree branch in the back yard though, thank God it missed the house!

On another note, our SR Bev hosted a Pure Romance party last night at the model, one of the women in the neighborhood is a consultant.  It was a lot f fun and I got to meet a lot of the female neighbors and we laughed and joked and I found out just how dirty my neighbors are! LOL jk!

I also have scheduled our 30 day for June 26th, I have a HUGE list... I hope I'm not being too picky... here are a few of the items I have and let me know if you guys think I'm going overboard...

1.  Fix all nail holes on trim and smooth out
2.  Wrong color grout was used to patch up master bathroom floor
3.  All cabinets have small-medium scratched on them, replace or repair
4.  Replace/repair all floor boards with nicks/scratches/chips
5. Wavy wall in 2nd bedroom
6.  Master bathroom mirror has black marks on the back, won't come off with cleaning, they are on the back side - replace mirror
7.  Staining on banister is very un-even and sloppy - replace/re-stain using new color
8.  Fix squeak in HW floors in the kitchen by the stove
9.  Front center window is slightly crooked
10.  Carpet on stairs is frayed in spots and looks messy
11.  Grout around master tub is cracking
12.  Missing area of paint in master bathroom
13.  Caulking around all windows is messy both inside and outside - touch up/re-caulk 
14.  Repaint front door
15.  Hose bib in garage is loose/crooked

So those are just a few examples... I have a list of about 50 things so far... EEEKK!! I'm such a perfectionist though and there is a reason we all built and didn't buy "used".... it's so we don't have to fix shit like this!  Most of it is little and I know our PM will have no problem fixing it but the railing stain is a big one, but seriously, it's soooooooooooooo sloppy looking, like a 5th grader did it, actually I was a better painter in 5th grade... and if it is the stain itself that is the problem and how the wood is accepting it, RH needs to discontinue Midnight Black, or call it Midnight baby shit....

Other than those little thing, I really am happy with our home, I love waking up in it, I love taking baths in my tub, I love cuddling with Mr. Tickles and my husband in the living room, I love eating at the table in the morning room... and I LOVE parking my car in a garage!!!

I promise to upload some pics of the house all furnished too... though we don't have much and most rooms are still empty!  

Here are some pics from the first dinner at the house, my dad fried up some blue gill and it was so yummy!!! 

 me and my mommy!!  She is my rock!
 Mother and daughter again.... oh and we got landscaping in!
 Just hanging out having some good wine!  My dad brought us a wine called "High on the Hog" because that's how we are living now :)

 Snuggle time!!!
Mr. Tickles LOVES the new house... she loves snuggling up on the carpet too!
And this was a rainbow the other day, it was so beautiful in person!


  1. Hey Rachael!! Its great to know you are enjoying your new house and you got great neighbors. I was wondering where u were! :-)

    That's very true that we got into building because we din't want fix stuff.
    That list seems pretty good. Don't hold back, get everything done!

  2. Awww tear you guys look so happy in your new home wow I cant wait til September and that Mr Tickles oh my what a cutie pie!

    1. Thanks Nadine! Mr. Tickles is glorious... lol and September will be here before you know it! I can't believe we are half way through June already!

  3. Great pictures! I don't blame you for not posting...once I'm in my new house I plan on enjoying (really, unpacking) it!

  4. Thanks for posting! I know we have disappeared and need to make an appearance at some point!

  5. Congratulations on your landscaping coming in!!!!!! I am sorry to hear that there are still so many issues, but you are right. You, and I, avoided buying used because we did not want to have to fix issues. The home should be pristine, right? Why deliver one with such issues and just say "meh, they can't expect perfection." That makes no sense. Keep after them, Rachael.

    On a side note, did I just read that Mr. Tickles is female? That threw me for a loop!