Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our 30 day list has been sent! I feel like I'm missing so much....

So here is our 30 days list, I still feel like I need more on it... I want to be insanely picky because I know after 30 days, it will be like pulling teeth to get anything fixed.  Any advice or common things that you guys notice that needed fixed with you houses that I'm missing??

1.       Sticky stuff on dining room windows (from a sticker/label) – needs cleaned off
2.       Middle window above garage is slightly crooked – or the trim is crooked
3.       The piece of wood that separates the shake and the siding isn’t 1 continuous piece, we would request a full whole piece be put in place so it doesn’t separate or accumulate dirt at the joint in the middle in the future.
4.       Front door needs re-painted
5.       One brick near front door has a chip/chunk missing
6.       Cement walkway has a strange vein like appearance in the concrete (not sure if this is normal?)

1.       The door stop needs moved slightly closer to the door, it doesn’t stop it from hitting the wall
2.       Repair small hole in wall from door knob hitting into wall from misplaced door stop
Powder Room
1.       Door sticks/hard to close all the way
2.       Chips in hardwood floors – repair/replace boards as needed.

1.       Banister stain is very uneven and splotchy.  Some of the balusters have cracks/chips – we would request the entire railing be re-stained, if it is an issue with the stain itself causing the un-even look, we want to pick a new stain.  The color is so inconsistent and looks greenish/grey rather than “midnight black”
2.       Carpet is fraying in some places (marked with blue tape)
3.       Tighten up carpet on stairs, some steps are loose, especially the bottom stair, it is easy to pull away from the step
4.       Hole in drywall at the bottom of the stairs (inside the stair way) marked with blue tape

1.       Nails sticking out through some of the 2x4’s not nailed into anything
2.       Cracks in concrete floor
Family Room
1.       Chips in hardwood floors – repair/replace boards as needed.
Morning Room
1.       Chips in hardwood floors – repair/replace boards as needed.

1.       Scratches on some of the cabinet door fronts (marked with blue tape) – repair/replace
2.       Creaking in floors on the left side of the stove
3.       Minor dry wall repair needed by refrigerator (a few small gauges in the wall)
4.       Caulking between counter and morning room ½ wall needs filled – it has shrank and gaped

Guest Bathroom
1.       Drawers on vanity are crooked, stick out on one side about ½ inch
2.       Small chip in toilet seat cover
3.       Gaps in caulking on sink back splash piece

Bedroom 2
1.       Wall between 2 front windows is bowed

Master Bedroom
1.       Squeaks and creeks in flooring – noted with blue tape “X”

Master Bathroom
1.       Grout that was repaired doesn’t match – it is non-sanded and isn’t the right color
2.       Small area on wall that is not painted
3.       Touch up grout around tub – it is cracking/chipped
4.       Clean up grout around outside of border tile around tub – paint on it, looks messy
5.       Set nails on trim piece on tub front and smooth out, they are sticking out a little and are very noticeable
6.       Mirror has black mark on back side showing through to the front, won’t clean off – mirror needs replaced/repaired

1.       Garage door going into mudroom is hard to close
2.       Hose bib is loose

1.       1 of the reddish bushes looks like it’s dying/diseased

General Issues all around house
1.      Trim work - Nails need set in and or filled neater/puttied and smoothed out, I can see every nail in the trim – looks messy
2.       Lots of areas on the walls are rough/un-sanded looking – need sanded smooth and repainted
3.       Hardwood floors – many small chips/nicks – replace boards or repair as needed
4.       Squeaks in floors – noted in each spot with a blue tape square
5.       Fraying carpet in spots – may just need tucked under baseboards
6.       Many spots/areas on the drywall that were not sanded before painting
7.       Caulking around all windows – dried/shrank – needs touched up both inside and outside

8.       Interior doors need paint touched up – edges and peeling/paint is chipping off


  1. Oh goodness girlie, they are gonna be there forever.LOL. But like I said hit them hard now, or else you will have a harder time getting them back!

    Trust ME :)

    Lemme know what they do about the creaking floors, we have one spot upstairs that recently POPS so hard when you walk on can hear it when you step on it and hear it in the kitchen.....drives me nuts....but I dont want them tearing into my ceilings, they have been retextured 4x now and not prepared for that mess Im curious to see how they resolve your squeeky floors.

    Crack in the basement concrete, think you're gonna loose that one, even concrete professionals I have had out here for my patio work say all concrete cracks :(

    But your sidewalk you can insist be replaced, mine was 3x before it was correct.

    As far as the hardwood floors they just secure them better up through the basement to get it to stop squeeky and the knicks, demand they be replaced, they may try and fix with a repair kit, its what they did to some of mine, but after some wear and tear on walking in that section, it will wear off and you will see it again .....

    Good luck, keep us up to date...Im gonna take some new pics of my grass growing...LOL..and some landscape updates later....

  2. Thanks for sharing this list. I hope they fix all of this for you. It doesn't seem too picky, maybe a couple of things sound minor but who'd know better than you. Anyway, this list serves as a list for things we should be checking ourselves. Hopefully you'll be satisfied with the results.

  3. Other than the problems I hope you are loving your house.

    1. We do love our home, and there's not really problems per say, just hiccups along the way, they know and we know it's not going to be perfect, but so far they haven't refused to fix anything I have requested to be fixed.

  4. that's a long list but everything on there is definitely an issue I would want fixed too!