Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So I must have looked like a crazy lady last night at Rusmur floors, I was by myself in the "Ryan Room" and pulling carpets, hardwood, tiles, and just standing over it all taking pictures and just becoming m ore and more overwhelmed!  The lighting in there STINKS!  It makes everything look so weird in pictures and so much lighter too, it's deceiving   So I grabbed one of the girls that's familiar with the program but doesn't actually do the pricing or the appointments and got her opinions and then I asked her if there was a wood floor option darker in the level 2 or 3 that I was just missing and the she told me the words I wanted to hear this whole time "You know, you aren't locked in to these selections in the program".... That made me so happy!!!  Obviously I know that most of the good stuff at Rusmur is going to be more $$$$ but, she did show me some HW options that would be at the level 2/3 pricing, and she found me a beautiful chocolate HW that is just stunning!  Again, the lighting in there is AWFUL but here are the pics, I posted one from the company's site too to show it all laid out, the sample looks more brown but it does have some warmth to it, it compliments the cabinets sooo much better!

I also switched the carpet to warm stone, it's still the base level carpet, I'm not super thrilled but I really don't want to upgrade since I know I can get a nicer carpet in a few years, this will do for now, most of the action happens on the main level anyways, I won't be throwing parties upstairs!  I also don't want to have to finance carpet for 30 years, I also said that about the HW but it's going to be too much of a pain to do them afterwards and it will probably cost as much or MORE with all the tear down labor involved.

And I changed the bathroom tiles, I forgot to take pictures though but I will need to schedule a formal meeting there again to finalize all the selections so I will get a big group picture of everything again! :)  Who knows, I will probably end up making more changes!  I said I wasn't going to be one of those people that do that but hey, this is a LOT of money and I want to be happy with everything.  Karen at Rusmur told me last night that I shouldn't have to settle, and that I should be happy with all of my selections, especially if I'm upgrading and paying the extra money to do it!  Thank you Karen for setting me straight!  Ryan Homes is making a profit from me, I'm doing them a favor here so I think I'm entitled to LOVE my new home, not just like it or be "OK" with it!


  1. Rachel, this is awesome that you were able to pick from the amongst all the options. We were stuck with a small row of selections. You can imagine how frustrating that was and what I was looking for wasn't available. I ended up with the standard carpet for the basement because I plan to rip it out too.

    I love the hardwood floors. It is going to be a pleasure seeing them in your kitchen with the white island.

  2. I have been at that company for my selections. Did you ask about getting shelves in your shower?? She could have shown you those...did you ask to substitute a shelf for that soap dish for no charge?

    Be careful about the base carpet, I too got the base carpet, and it does feel that way, so be prepared for that :) They are currently having problems getting the seams out, they have been out twice, so now I dont know what they will do, we close tuesday and I am waiting monday to see what will happen....RH will make it right for me.

    You send me your email if you like and I can help you out with the seamless shower, we may be using the same company for that as well.