Monday, January 7, 2013

Rusmur Floors Round 2!

I told myself I wasn't going to be one of those people who stresses about colors and flooring and options, but here I am, calling Rusumur to come in tonight again!  I thought that I picked out everything that I wanted but now seeing the pictures and revisiting the model homes, I'm worried my pallet is too grey and cool, I don't want to be stuck with cool tones, I want something more in the middle so I can go either way, and for re-sale value too, I'm just worried my choices are too specific and I don't even have the slightest clue how I'm going to decorate when we get in!  So tonight I'm going to see if I can warm things up a bit with the carpet and the tile in the master bathroom.  I still love the glass tiles as the accent but I may go with the more warm tones and also switch up the floor and wall tiles to be less grey.  I will post my new selections tonight, the sales person won't be there which actually is a good thing for me, I am pretty savy when it comes to design so I think being on my own will do me good, and the hubby won't be there either, he trusts my taste and doesn't really care much about the colors I pick out, he knows I'm good for it!  I only wish they offered a darker stain on the level 2 hardwoods, I'm really nervous about the cherry floors!  I don't want things looking too red or clashing with the espresso cabinets!  I really wanted the dark hickory but it was so far out of our price range!!

I put up a picture of my style of bedroom (dream bedroom) it's from Resoration Hardware, which I can't afford anyhting in there besides the linens!  I do want to get our bedding from there though, I'm tired of cheap duvets that fall apart and honestly, their prices aren't bad for the quality you get!  This is the bedding set I'm looking at for our king bed, I love the rustic comfy feel of it and I can make it that modern shabby chic look in the master with some rustic furniture paird with some modern lighting and clean lined elements!
 the pic above would be if I had all the money in the world :)  I love the charm and elegance this room gives off but it's still simple and not too feminine, it has the perfect balance and just looks comfy and lived in!
This is the bedding I'm looking at, it's all on sale so that's good for the budget!  I'm going to stop over at Restoration Hardware sometime soon to check out their bedding and get some inspiration!  I don't want to buy it yet but if the price is right I may have to!

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    You will learn a lot and the support you receive to building your new home is priceless!

    I just found your blog and very excited to watch you build your new home. You and I have very similar taste! :-) I LOVE YOUR SELECTIONS!

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