Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are we alone out there?

You know, I'm probably not the first person to wonder this but... are we all out there alone?  I mean, we as in the RH blogging community.  Before deciding to build with RH we looked at all the other local builders and custom builders, and I don't see one single blog out there for Maronda and Heartland.  I'm just curious to see how our building experience compares to the other major builders (at least those in my area).  I googled until I couldn't google anymore and nothing came up!  Just a random thought.... anyone seen a blog from Maronda or Heartland???


  1. That is an interesting question. I am not familiar with these builders. We have a Drees and Augustine. I have not searched to see if there are any blogs about those. I do wonder why we Ryan Homes buyers seem to corner the market though!

  2. I haven't seen any blogs for those builders either! Interesting isn't it!?

  3. We aren't building with RH we are building with K&P builders they are local to the Maryland area.

    1. I have noticed there are a few people building with smaller local builders too, I'm just surprised the other major players don't have anyone blogging. At least around here, you pretty much only have 3 builders that do a lot of developments in the moderate price range (200k-350k), land is so hard to find to build on w/ a custom or private builder, unless you have it in your family or want to live in the middle of no where.

  4. I too wondered the same thing for months while we decided between heartland and ryan. We went with heartland and I just started a blog and found another alk in the same day.