Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cabinets, trim and doors... Oh my!

I was off yesterday from work for a dr appointment for my knee (I included a pic of my adorable brace I get to wear for the next 3 weeks) nothing major just strained my it band and patella connective ligament... Whatever that means!

Anyways... I went up to the house and to my surprise... Progress! First I saw the brick and was happy then I saw our home was all trimmed out, doors on, and cabinets! I finally got to see my espresso cabinets in person! I also met our new PM and he calmed my worries and promised everything will be ok and to not micro manage the project, they are the pros here! We also got out final walk through date, may 31st! We will be closing the first week of June so only a little but behind, not bad!

Oh and the leak is fixed! So that's a load off my mid, the widow will get finished and inspected by engineers this upcoming week too.


  1. It's really coming along now! I was so excited when I saw my cabinets in for the first time. And you got you final walkthrough and closing dates, Yay! Time flies, another weekend packing for me.


  2. DATES!!! YES!!

    Everything looks great Rachel !!!!! Can't wait to see your BRICK go up!!
    This is awesome to watch your home's journey!!
    My PM told me the same thing in so many words; but I did not allow it to stop me from checking on things which I did every chance I had. Let's say, 3x a day!! OCD alert was consistent. I did trust him; however, I just wanted that peace of mind.

    Sorry about your knee! Good thing you can still visit the LOT!

    1. Haha it won't stop me either from checking everyda either! I want to make note of everything and make sure it i fixed and fixed right! I do trust our PM too but it doesn't hurt to double check! And I hope my knee is better before we move or maybe not, then I could get out of the heavy lifting! Lol

  3. The cabinets and counters look wonderful, Rachael! I am so glad to hear that everything is back on track and that your PM has really taken charge. That is wonderful news!

  4. Love love love the cabinets! I wanted them in the kitchen, but couldn't justify the cost, so only got them in the bathroom. They are lovely! You are really on the fast track now. :)

  5. I just love those Cabinets and the counter top looks sharp!!!