Thursday, May 30, 2013

The show must go on....

Well, we got our situation "resolved" I guess you could say.  Not nearly what we felt was fair, I also was sad that they were attacking us by claiming out old PM (The one that quit midway through) showed us where the new window was going to go... uh, yeah, he did... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALL not the END.  But, it became a he said/she said situation and we walked away with some compensation.  I just felt like they were putting the blame on US for not noticing earlier... UH EXCUSE ME!?!?!  I'm not at PROJECT MANAGER.  I'm pretty pissed/sad over it but I'm going to to DW's advice and not let it ruin my experience in our new home. I think our SR may have got some heat and I feel so bad b/c I love her, she is a great person, it is just business.  I was just really disappointing in how we were treated by "the bosses" and how we were painted to be the bad guys for asking for some kind of restitution for a pretty large screw-up.  Overall, my Realtor said our house is beautiful and well made and all of the little things will be fixed and he said we have serious built in equity based on how much we paid for the house, we could sell now and make a handsome profit, even after closing costs.  I hope that we can be happy in our new home... I'm still sick over the "poop" colored railing stain... grrr but I am going to voice my dissatisfaction with that at the walk-through and demand they be fixed at the 30 day.  I'm pretty sure our PM hates us too... which doesn't help my plea for a new stain.  But, all I can say to that is SURVEY SURVEY SURVEY... you better believe I'm going to be honest and I'm holding on the that sucker until everything is fixed.


  1. Glad to hear they provided some compensation for your troubles. RHs set the tone moving forward, not you, by ignoring your worries and providing excuse after excuse. At this point definitely stay in the mindset that this is just business, especially with how much a home costs.

  2. Hey Racheal - just a word to the wise, if you haven't already discovered it already, Ryan Homes pays close attention to the things that happen on the blogs. I didn't realize this at the early stages of my blog, and when we went to "negotiate" for a better price on our house, it apparently got to be pretty awkward between our realtor and SR.

    Pretty much... he turned all red-faced and lost his temper with her saying "I know what you're trying to do" (negotiate the price down) "and we know about the blog". Our poor realtor had no idea we had started talking about our experience thus far with RH, and I guess our SR wasn't happy about some of the things we had complained about. Truthfully, the only two things we had complained about were the fact that a) we had asked for photos of the model of the house we had picked several times (it took over 2 months and a trip to DC to see it in person before we got anything -- there are none anywhere online!) and b) we were disappointed that we did not get first selection at exterior colors, even though we had requested it. I think both were justified, and despite my public complaint about lack of timely response from our SR, his communication has not improved.

    Needless to say, we learned a little bit about the way Ryan Homes works (they're very resourceful and pay close attention to everything you say - good and bad!) but it kinda made us happy to know that "big brother" is watching. I like to think that because they know we know when there are mistakes, and we have a whole community of people following our journeys, you have an upperhand compared to someone who isn't publically chronically their build.

    I wouldn't necessarily say that you need to "watch what you say" or filter yourself. Based on your experience, you definitely have more than enough to be concerned about! But I'd say that you may have been painted in the minds of the people you were dealing with based upon your blog rather than based upon the situation itself, so you definitely have to be careful about how you say things.

    Anyway... I'm glad to hear that things worked out (at least a little) and hope that you will be happy in your new home!

    1. Great advice Brandon, I often think about if they are reading these things, my SR isn't she wasn't sure what a blog was lol, but no one has brought anything up to us about it. But, on the other hand, they should take note and see that LoTS of people read these things and can influence a future buyers decision. I try to keep calm for the most part and not say anything I would regret and I'm calmed down now for sure and trying to focus on the positive and the excitement of owning our new home.

  3. Try to be happy in your new home and hold on to that survey for a year if you have to. You gave them a good run for their money and hopefully they learned something about themselves after this.

  4. Hey Rachael...

    Sorry you were not completely satisfied with the outcome, but I'm sure your house will be beautiful!! :-)And yes I completely agree with you... SURVEY!!! I read on the other blogs that they really care about that. Also, don't you worry if your PM likes you or not, when you are paying so much money, you want what you want. Its only fair!!
    And I don't really believe they are watching all these blogs. Even if they do, the only take away should be that we as a community can voice our appreciation and concerns, SO they better do their job right...

  5. Hi Rachael,

    Sorry it did not get resolved to your complete satisfaction but I am glad you are getting some compensation. Keep your chin up and continue to hang in there.


  6. HI Rachel, glad you found some resolution that you can work with!! I totally understand what you were going through because they try to make me look like I did not what the hell I was talking about and they used all their energy supporting and backing up the SR who made the mistake. As for the survey, it only makes a difference when you submit it with your feedback because it helps determine whether or not a Project Manager gets a promotion or not. If 80% of the community submits a favorable survey one survey may not make a difference so be sure to send your survey in to make it COUNT!!

  7. Oh Rachael I wish you could say would your compensation was, but I know you can't.

    As far as anyone reading our blogs, so what...they have read mine too, have at it...LOL

    In fact I have gotten some things done because of my writings on the blog. In the end will any of these RH people be around after our plan is completed........NOPE!

    I really enjoy my two PMs and SR, but they know I have complaints....most go way above their heads...

    As far as your railing, hit it hard at the 30 day mark...

    As far as your home, sit back, look at all the positives, pick out your favorite room /rooms and enjoy it, take it all in and live in it....dont be too frustrated at first, you will have to work out the kinks in it will happen..we have been through a lot, but nothing major....

    You will love your home soon, dont be too hard on yourself if you dont at first, mine really had to grow on me, I wasnt in love at give yourself time!! Its new to you and you have to get to know each other, I know that sounds odd.......but I found it to be true for me....

    Yup its stressful and things arent perfect like we wanted them to be. But you will enjoy it soon :) Have faith it will all work out, but dont let things slide either cause you feel bad!! Ok??

    1. I sent you and email, but you are right and Nadese'a comment above is very insightful and I think because our community is not very big the survey may have more weight. I'm expressing tomorrow about the railings, for sure! Other than that I really love my house, I mean yeah I wish I had a bigger budget and could have afforded better upgrades but I know we made a great investment and built equity from day one. Let me know if your ever want to get coffee and vent! We are a stones throw away!