Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sacrifice is almost over

Well, as promised a little perspective today in the blog post, me and the hubs went to the house he hasn't seen it since it was just framing! Now we have carpet, hardwoods, tile, appliances, cabinets.... Everything is moving along so fast! Half the siding is up too! It looks so good with the shake shingles too!

So I have posted a few pics of our apartment we live in now, my crooked stove that wobbles, the tilted fridge that is "self closing" because our floor have hills and valleys, the tiny kitchen counter space, lack of dishwasher, our toiletries on the floor of the bathroom... Lol but honestly it's not a bad apt I've lived in bad apartments before, but that's a whole other blog post.... So here you go, this is how we scrimped and saved and lived well below our means to afford the home of our dreams :)


  1. We know the meaning of sacrifice as we have been living with my parents for the last year while our old house has been rented me I know what your going through in more ways than one!

    1. I wish we could live with my parents, they are excellent cooks! lol but they live way too far from work, traffic is murder getting though the city to their place, so we had to rent the cheapest apt we could find, it just so happened it was a few streets over from our house we sold! But the sacrifice is totally worth it! And it will be for you too! :)

  2. I sure do know what that's like! Our kitchen was so cramped before, two people could barely fit in it together, making us want to claw each other's eyes out while cooking ;) Now we have so much space and it's wonderful! Your suffering and sacrificing will soon be over and it will so be worth it.

  3. I would have killed to have had your apartment. We tried selling our house and then renting it, so we moved in with my husband's parents thinking it would not be worth signing a lease since it should have only been a couple of months. Then we decided to build and our build keeps getting delayed. A few months has turned into a year and they haven't broken ground yet. Ahhhh!!! It will all be worth it in the end and you will love, love, love your new kitchen to cook in.